Must See Time Lapse Videos: Crowd Control at Busiest Bus LIne in North America

Pro Stanchions The Professional Choice for Crowd Control

Experiments in Crowd Guidance are captured on video and demonstrate simple, safe and effective queuing.

In a March 26, 2014 Eric Jaffe's article for The Atlantic Cities, Jaffe explains how Vancouver's transit authority is using these time lapse videos to improve two crucial aspects of crowd control at North Americas busiest bus line:

  1. The safety associated with large groups of passengers being queued, both for the passengers and nearby traffic
  2. The ability to establish effective "traffic lanes" for passengers in queue in order to keep a sidewalk passable during heavy passenger traffic periods

These videos show that by simply adding portable retractable belt stanchions to create "switchbacks" and sidewalk tape to establish queuing lanes, the passenger traffic was much more organized and the sidewalk was kept passable for pedestrian traffic.

Click here to read Jaffe's full article and discover the simplicity of effective crowd management and control.


Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen


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