Pro Stanchions Customers Continue to Feed Hungry Mouths

Pro Charities Fighting Child Hunger Doubles Its Kutoa Bar Donation...Again.

Pro Stanchions Pro Charities Kutoa Bar Donation Buffalo City Mission

Buffalo, New York.  June 5, 2014

Once again, thanks to our online customers, Pro Stanchions' charitable donation of Kutoa health bars to local Western New York food shelters has doubled.  

Our recent pre-summer drop off at the Buffalo City Mission totalled 240 Kutoa vegan health bars.  For each bar purchased from Kutoa, the company donates one meal to hungry children around the globe and here in the U.S.  

Our customers, Kutoa and Pro Charities combined this time to help feed 480 hungry mouths!

Our sincerest thanks go out to all of our customers that made this and every donation possible.

Thank YOU!

Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen