The Best Praise...EVER!

 Michelle Creevey, Category Manager, Projects, with Echo Entertainment Group - an Australian hospitality, dining, nightlife and gaming organization - gave her summation of the Intelligence Staff:

"You're terrific at customer service ... Don't ever loose the touch!  You really do care about the customer experience and put all "sales ego" aside!"

Thanks Michelle!  The Intelligence Staff has as much fun on the voyage as they do arriving the a destination.

About Echo Entertainment Group:

Echo Entertainment Group emerges as a dynamic organisation with four vibrant businesses - hospitality, dining, nightlife and gaming – that combines the strength of one of Australia’s largest publicly listed gambling companies with the drive of an entrepreneurial start up.

Through perceptive partnerships and seasoned execution, Echo Entertainment Group will bring fresh to the old and redefine the concepts of escape while delivering memorable experiences. Echo Entertainment Group is driven by the relentless pursuit to make happy happen to each and every guest in each and every destination.

With our fingers firmly on the pulse of pleasure, leisure and reinvention, Echo Entertainment Group is the catalyst for your entertainment. Echo Entertainment Group is like entertainment itself … forever evolving.

Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen


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