Nothing say "BIG ENTRANCE" more than a lush Red Carpet.

Joe K and the crew at Event Rugs are the place professionals turn to for their Red Carpet/V.I.P. events.

Event Rugs is headquartered in central New Jersey and sells carpet aisle runners online and custom orders by phone. Their carpets are all bound onsite and shipped to venues nationwide and abroad.

photo of girls enjoying walking down a red carpet

Already in the flooring business working in retail, commercial, and builder flooring, Event Rugs recognized that no other company was supplying event carpet. So, in 2000, they began providing this carpet service for all types of events.

Their clients range from individuals planning their own family event to professional event planners to large corporations. 

Check out who uses event rugs and turf rugs and give Joe K and Event Rugs a call today:

   photo of outdoor turf aisle runners       
Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen