1 Minute Must Watch Video for Crowd Managers: Comiket 83, Tokyo

 500,000 People Safely and Effectively Guided to Event

This post has two of Pro Stanchions' favorites elements of crowd management: 

  1. Smart, strategic, and proactive crowd management processes
  2. An awe-inspiring venue
This time lapse video shows the strict crowd control implemented which results in the effective coordination and safe guidance of hundreds of thousands of attendees outside the Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket 83 this past December (2012).  Enjoy!


The Tokyo Big Sight, a nickname for the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, was the sight of last December's Comiket 83.  Architecturally the Big Sight sets itself apart from other global facilities with its iconic inverted pyramids.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Comiket, or Comic Market, is the largest self-published comic fair in the world.  It takes place 2 times annually in Tokyo, Japan.  The self-published comics at Comic Market are considered very rare and valuable since they will typically only be produced once without reprinting.  These "one of a kind" comics and their publishers attract attendances in excess of 500,000 people.


Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen