20% Discount Off Crowd Control Stanchions During Government Shutdown

Pro Stanchions Offers 20% of ALL Line-King Products During U.S. Government Shutdown

We understand that this is a stressful time in our country.  However, day to day business in our country will continue even while the government is closed, and we know the need for crowd control equipment doesn't rest.

During the U.S. government shutdown, use the code SHUTDOWN20 on our website to save 20% off all Line-King retractable belt stanchions, posts and rope, signs and sign frames.

And don't forget that Pro Stanchions donates 5% of all Line-King product sales to charity.

We hope our government re-opens as soon as possible, but the entire time it is shutdown our 20% discount will be available.

Justin Schoen
Justin Schoen


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