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Castellani Art Museum Uses Pro Stanchions to Stay Within Budget

Niagara University, Lewiston, New York

After a visit to the Castellani Art Museum on the Niagara University campus, Pro Stanchions noticed the iron posts and twine being used to rope off galleries could easily and economically be replaced with more aesthetically pleasing retractable belt museum stanchions.

After providing a sample of the equipment to be used, the museum decided to add custom printing to the belts that state "Gallery Closed".  

Gallery Closed Custom Printed Retractable Belt Stanchions

The retractable belt stanchions the museum chose are equipped with an 11' retractable belt, allowing for less posts to be purchased while covering more area than any other standard economy stanchions.

The custom printing on the belts clearly conveys the message that any particular gallery is closed for viewing at the current time and provides a physical barrier for entering a gallery.

Pro Stanchions understands that museums are constantly under budgetary restraint pressures.  The ability to cut costs to our clients is a direct result of minimum operating overhead, and provides us the opportunity to be an asset to any organization.

About Castellani Art MuseumThe Castellani Art Museum serves as a cultural resource for Niagara University and its surrounding community and an attraction for regional and international tourists. Exhibitions of nationally known and emerging contemporary artists and traditional folk arts are presented each year. Artist talks, workshops and educational programming accompany each exhibition. Niagara County’s only collecting art museum, the Castellani has a permanent collection of over 5700 works of art, including well known artists such as Picasso, Miro, Dali, Calder, Nevelson, Warhol and many others.

About Pro Stanchions:  Pro Stanchions provides stanchion and crowd management equipment from the top U.S. manufacturers at the lowest costs available.  Pro Stanchions understands that in today's evolving economy, professionals are constantly searching for personalized service and the best ways to save money.  The personal relationships we form with our customers allow us the ability to precisely determine product needs and reveal spending reductions. 

How Pro Stanchions supports its low price guarantee:

  • By prioritizing low company overhead which reduces dependency upon price
  • Profit margins are flexible so we can focus solely on satisfying our customers' needs.
Pro Stanchions is committed to assisting those that have directly affected our lives and that help make our world a better place. Pro Stanchions charitable donations policies offer clients and our company the ability to positively affect the lives of others. 


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