Custom Retractable Belt Advertising

Sell Your Success

Congratulations!  Your organization is successful at attracting enough visitors, customers, or attendees that you implement retractable belt stanchions for effective crowd guidance and to maintain a controlled, attractive atmosphere.  

But you're not satisfied.

You are constantly exploring ways to generate more revenue.

Pro Stanchions offers you a new philosophy.

Custom Retractable Belt Advertising.

Not familiar?

Typically custom or branded retractable belts are geared toward just that:

Growing your brand, by customizing your retractable belts.

Here's the new thought pattern for custom belts:

Grow someone else's brand, on your retractable belts.


Can it work?  What if we told you we charged the companies you see above to be on the belts in this page?  

We didn't, but you get the idea. If you were a company or sponsor, would you pay to have the opportunity of advertising where crowds of people gather, slow down, stop and wait?

Custom silk screen and dye sublimation belt printing is inexpensive and allows pictures, company logos, messages and more to be displayed cleanly and clearly.  Silk screening is for text or logos containing one or two colors.  Dye sublimation can accommodate any combination of colors and designs for about the same expense.

And while we've mentioned expense, Custom Retractable Belt Advertising means that you are charging a fee for advertisement space on your equipment.  Any fees will include the cost of at least new customized belts on replacement cassettes to put into your current stanchions if not new stanchions all together.  This eliminates a costly repair/replace expense from the operations budget.  Didn't see that coming did you?

Contact us for more information and discover how to use Custom Retractable Belt Advertising to SELL YOUR SUCCESS!