Removable Crowd Control Stanchion Floor Socket and Cap - Visiontron


  • For use with Removable Visiontron Posts
  • Ready for exterior use
  • Finishes: Satin Chrome, Satin Brass
  • Socket Depth: 4.25"
  • Flange Diameter: 5.25"
  • Weight: 4 lbs

Visiontron’s sockets are required for Removable Retracta-Belt Posts and Removable Conventional Stanchions. Caps drop into unused floor sockets to seal the hole and present a finished appearance. We recommend professional installation.

Socket & Cap Installation

Surface Mount

1. Measure and mark the centerline of posts onto
the mounting surface.

  • 9’0” max. for 10’ belt models 
  • 14’0” max for 15’ belt models 

2. Core drill holes approx. 6” deep x 4” dia.

3. Fill hole approx. 1/3 way with pore-rock or
other non-shrinking grout.

4. Push socket into grout, making sure it is
flush with the mounting surface.

*As an extra precaution you can check the first
few sockets to ensure that enough grout is
applied and the void below is fully filled.