Retracta Belt Magnetic Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barrier Yellow 15 Foot 20 Foot 25 Foot 30 Foot Belt - Visiontron


  • 10 year warranty
  • 100% Made in America
  • Optional mounting plates allow one unit to be used in multiple locations
  • High impact polycarbonate construction
  • Easy customized belt printing and advertising


  • Standard Wall Receiving End
  • Fixed/removable mounting plate allows one unit to be used in different locations

Optional Mounts

  • Magnet mounting plate 
  • Velcro mounting plate 
  • Hose clamp mounting plate 
  • Suction cup mounting plate 
  • Recessed wall mount 
  • Recessed wall mount with door


Category: Buy American, Safety, Visiontron

Type: Wall Mount Retractable Belts

Vendor: Visiontron