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100% Stanchion-faction Guarantee Badge

Test and Compare Risk Free!


If you find the equipment you’ve received from Pro Stanchions does not compare to the equipment you are currently using, we will refund the full cost of the product and pay for the return shipping!  No 20%, or greater, restocking fee charged by other companies! 

You can’t find higher quality products or lower prices and Pro Stanchions knows that.  Now it’s time for everyone to discover the advantages in quality and cost savings they have been missing.

With the 100% Stanchion-faction Guarantee our customers can test out and perform hands on comparisons of the equipment we provide to the equipment they are currently using, knowing that if they are not satisfied for any reason the only fee they will have incurred is the cost to have the product shipped to them.

Paired with the manufacturer warranties on the equipment we provide, the 100% Stanchion-faction Guarantee provides unmatched customer satisfaction levels never before available in the crowd control industry.  Just another way Pro Stanchions is revolutionizing how retractable belt stanchions, sign stands, barricades, posts and ropes are distributed.

Guidelines and Unused Contingency:

  1. Program is valid for all non-customized products
  2. The returned equipment must be unused and in the same condition it was received to satisfy the Unused Contingency.
  3. Notification to Pro Stanchions that a return is necessary must be made within 3 days from receipt of equipment (unless additional time frames have been agreed upon), arrangements will immediately be processed to have the equipment picked up and shipped back to the manufacturer’s facility.
  4. Equipment will be reviewed to determine it was unused and returned in new, unblemished condition.
  5. Upon satisfaction of the Unused Contingency, Pro Stanchions will provide a full refund of the cost of the product.
  6. If the products are found to be in any condition other than that which satisfy the Unused Contingency, Pro Stanchions is not responsible to satisfy the terms of the guarantee.  All costs incurred for re-shipping the products are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Pro Stanchions 100% Stanchion-faction Guarantee does not apply to customers affiliated in any way with other crowd control equipment suppliers, distributors or competing manufacturers.

Customer errors in ordering are not guaranteed under this guarantee.