Free Belt End Replacements for Life

Never Pay For Another Retractable Belt End


Free Belt End Replacements for Life BadgeEvery Visiontron and Queue Solutions retractable belt stanchion and wall mount belt barrier purchased from Pro Stanchions now comes with FREE lifetime belt end replacements!  

If a belt end breaks or needs replacing on ANY retractable belt stanchion or wall mount retractable belt barrier purchased from Pro Stanchions, simply send a picture of your broken belt end and Pro Stanchionswill ship out a replacement immediately.  And the bonus?  The belt end you'll receive is a universal belt end that is compatible with the Big 4 manufacturers and most other manufacturers' equipment!

That's it!

As usual, no other Crowd Control company offers the customer service found at Pro Stanchions.  We stand by and back up every product we sell.  Our customers never have to worry or wonder about the equipment they receive from Pro Stanchions.  We know the products we sell and our customer service are the best, and we're doing everything to make sure you know it as well.