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Safety and Crowd Control Barriers

Are you are looking for the guaranteed lowest prices on the most reliable equipment used by professionals everywhere? If so you have come to the right place.  We only offer stanchions and crowd control equipment from the most trusted U.S. manufacturers.

If you've come to Pro Stanchions looking for "cheap" equipment, you've come to the wrong place.  "Cheap" equipment provides a quick solution to your needs, but time after time will result in re-purchases, additional shipping cost associated with re-purchases, and wasted time.

We've heard the stories from clients that have purchased based on extremely low prices but were not fully educated on the equipment they were getting.  Pro Stanchions is committed to making sure you know your options and acquire equipment built to meet the demands of professionals everywhere.

We research our competition every day to make sure the products we offer are priced below all of them.  We benefit from reduced overhead allowing us to provide the lowest prices, to all of our customers, every time!  

Stop using the big catalogs or companies that show up at the top of your internet search...

Imagine the costs associated with printing and distributing a huge catalog or ensuring that a company shows up high on a search engine results page?  Where do you think those costs are made up?  You guessed it, higher prices.  Compare their prices to ours and if we aren't lower already, tell us and we'll beat their price on any comparable equipment!

How we're changing the way people do business with their stanchion and crowd control company, here's how...

  • Charitable Donations
    • We donate 5% of all sales of Visiontron PRIME manufactured stanchions and crowd control equipment to charity
    • All profits from sales of our Stanchion For The Cure go to Breast Cancer charities.
  • Social Media
    • Our Blog, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter feeds provide daily information on:
      • How top professionals are implementing crowd management practices
      • Special pricing on equipment
      • Forums for discussing best practices and innovative implementations
    • Mobile App
      • The first application EVER among stanchion and crowd control manufacturers OR distributors
      • Puts the equipment you need in the palm of your hand, everywhere you go!
      • Provides easy and fast access to our mobile optimized website for iOS and Android mobile devices.

    This is The Professional Choice for Crowd Control.  We have every resource to available to make sure you receive the equipment you need, when you need it, at lowest prices you will find anywhere!

    If you find yourself searching for a product, but for some reason cannot locate it at, contact our intelligence staff.

    Pro Stanchions works with the major manufacturers of stanchions and crowd control equipment in the U.S. and will always make sure you get the products you need - at the lowest prices, guaranteed.