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Pro Stanchions brings crowd control innovation to the Exhibition world.

CES 2019 Drives Companys Needs For Custom Crowd Control

The introduction of retractable stanchions with an extra-wide 3" nylon belt, instead of the industry standard 2" width, was probably not as life-changing as some of the product debuts at CES of past (3-D printers, Digital Satelite Systems, XBox, and High-Definition Televisions all debuted at the show with intense global electronic impacts).  

However, for companies looking to bolster their brand exposure at consumer points of contact, that extra 1" of belt width has proven to be a welcome addition.  In comparison, the 3" belt is a billboard compared to the 2" belt being a bumper sticker.

Since its' introduction, the vast majority of our clients doing custom printing have chosen to do so on the 3" wide belts, and this year at CES is no different.

As attendees maneuver through the show, they'll be able to catch glimpses of 3" wide custom printed belt stanchions at some of the biggest exhibitors there.

Stanchions with 3" wide belts will stand out, especially if set up next to an exhibitor who is, unfortunately, using the 2" wide belts.

Pro Stanchions has specialized in custom retractable belt printing since we first opened our business.  Our streamlined and simple process has resulted in the quickest turn around time and the most precision detailed printing in the industry.

Look for 3" Xtra Wide belt stanchions at this year's CES and wherever long lines ensue.

Check out our complete lineup of 3" wide belts HERE


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