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An in-depth educational guide for Managers, Staff, and Purchasing Directors.

Including a must have Pre-Purchase Checklist that allows for time-saving simplification of the belt barrier purchasing process.

  1. What duress will your stanchions be experiencing?

If large crowds, constant repositioning and longevity of service are expected, you need Premium stanchions.

Premium stanchions offer:

  • Long-term durability
  • Thicker & stronger post construction.
  • Better designed and slower retracting mechanisms
  • Cast iron base weights
  • More base design options
  • Longer belt lengths
  • Compatibility with other Major manufacturers

If lighter foot traffic, stable configurations and less necessity for long term usage are expected, then you can get away with Pro-Grade Economy stanchions.

Pro-Grade Economy stanchions offer:

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Strong but less durable post construction
  • Slow retracting mechanism, but not nearly the advanced technology that goes into Premium equipment
  • Galvanized steel shell base weights filled with concrete.
  • Typically, one base design

* IMPORTANT: Make sure there are replacement parts available for any equipment purchased

  1. What base or floor mount option do you require?

Portable Bases

  • Allows stanchions to be rearranged, re-positioned and stored.
  • All portable options have full coverage rubber floor protectors.

Premium Base Options:

  • Cast Iron Flat
  • Cast Iron Sloped
  • Cast Iron w/Roller Wheel
  • Recycled Rubber
  • Cast Iron Dome
  • Folding Legs

Pro-Grade Economy Options:

  • Sloped

Semi-Permanent Floor Mount bases

  • Provides removability of stanchions when guidance system is not needed.

Removable/Socket and Cap

  • Posts slide into socket opening
  • Caps fill the opening when not in use


  • Metal receiver plate secures via Epoxy, VHB tape for non-invasive applications (i.e. Terrazzo or marble) or can be permanently secured with screws.
  • Small footprint
  • Magnetic base strong enough to be approved for use in nuclear power generation facilities


  • Super-small floor footprint.
  • Core drilled floor socket has dime sized diameter
  • Post screws into socket with a few turns
  • Post base is spring loaded to absorb contact

Permanent Bases

  • Provide stable, rigid queue systems for designed layouts.
  • Base flange is screwed into any floor surface.
  1. Will your stanchions be used in exterior environments?


Portable Base Options

  • Recycled Rubber: Most Durable – Most bulky - Least aesthetically pleasing
  • Aluminum: Very Durable – Low Profile – Most Attractive
  • Clear Coat Cast Iron base weight w/base weight cover: Durable – Larger profile – Standard aesthetics
  • [Economy] Clear Coat Galvanized base weight filled w/concrete and base weight cover: Least Durable – Larger profile – Standard aesthetics

Post Options:

  • Aluminum: Most durable
  • Clear coat Stainless Steel: Very durable
  • PVC: Least durable


Some of the features of weatherproof barriers may be useful for interior environments

  • Cast Aluminum base has a low-profile height of ¼”
  • Rubber bases are extremely durable in environments that have heavy machinery operating (i.e. warehouse, industrial)
  1. What belt WIDTH do you require?

2” Standard

  • Industry standard width for more than 5 decades
  • Will be consistent when blending with stanchions already in use
  • Most variety of belt length options
  • Standard visibility

3” Extra Wide

  • HIGH VISIBILITY. Majority choice for custom printed messages and logo/branding
  • Introduced more recently
  • Limited belt length options
  1. How LONG do your belts need to be?

IMPORTANT: Retractable belts should never be extended to their full length.  At least 6” should be left in the cassette to allow some play in the belt and preserve the retracting mechanism

Standard 2” Belt Lengths:

  • 5’ – 10’ – 11’ – 13’ – 15’ – 16’ – 30’ – 35’ – 65’
  • 52 plain color, striped or message options!
  • Detailed Dye Sublimation or Screen Printed custom printing done inside of 2 weeks

Extra Wide 3” Belt Lengths:

  • 10’ – 11’
  • 32 plain color, striped or message options
  • Custom Dye Sublimation or Screen Printing on 3” belts turn them into billboards!
  1. What post/base FINISH do you want?

Stock and popular finishes

  • Black Steel/Aluminum
  • Polished Steel/Aluminum
  • Satin/Brushed Steel/Aluminum
  • Polished Chrome
  • Satin/Brushed Chrome
  • Brass
  • Satin/Brushed Brass
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange

Specialty Finishes

  • Powder Coat
  • More than 200 color options
  • Textured Powder Coat (examples)
    1. Black Wrinkle
    2. Silver Vein, Gold Vein, Copper Vein
  • Specialty Finish (examples)
    1. Statuary Bronze
    2. Pewter Nickel
    3. Black Chrome
    4. Antique Copper
  • Custom Print
    • Post wraps allow full color graphics to be added posts
  1. How to find the right belt stanchion source.

Does the company respond to calls/emails/texts promptly, professionally, friendly, and knowledgeable?

  • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.
  • If yes, do they offer said communication on off hours, weekends and holidays?
    • If yes, you’re at Pro Stanchions
    • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.

Does the company offer free shipping on products?

  • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.
  • If yes, have you compared the total cost of your complete order with the same order at Pro Stanchions website?
    • If yes, and your total is less than Pro Stanchions, call Pro Stanchions for guaranteed lower pricing on higher quality equipment
    • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.

Does the company offer Free Lifetime Belt End Replacements on EVERY retractable belt stanchion they sell?

  • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.
  • If yes, you’re at Pro Stanchions.

Does the company offer a mobile App via the Apple App Store for easy mobile purchasing?

  • If no, immediately go to the App Store and download the Pro Stanchions
  • If yes, you’re working with Pro Stanchions

Is the company a family run business that lives, breathes and eats Crowd Control all day, every day, 24/7/365?

  • If no, immediately contact Pro Stanchions.
  • If yes, welcome to Pro Stanchions.


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