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The 2018 "Masters" from Pro Stanchions

With all eyes on The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA this weekend, we want to bring you the "Masters" of Crowd Control.

The "Masters" series of line management and access control equipment prides itself on affordable reliability.  Offering more than 50 standard belt options, in the most extensive selection of belt lengths anywhere.  However, consistency may be the "Masters" most impressive quality, as there are always thousands of units in stock and ready to ship same day, around the globe.

Queue "Masters"

As there are a plethora of perennial horticulture at Augusta National Golf Course, we start our "Masters" breakdown with the perennial champion of Pro-Grade Economy retractable belt stanchions in the Crowd Control industry, the QueueMaster.

Queue "Masters" 2018

Available in 8.5' and 11' belts, the timeless look of the QueueMaster fits any and all aesthetic schemes while staying within tighter budget limitations.  20 lbs of weight provide reliable stability and the full circumference rubber floor protector ensures the beauty of any flooring surface does not become tarnished or scratched.  QueueMasters are available in a variety of finishes including black, stainless steel and even polished brass.

QueueMasters are available with single, dual, and Xtra Wide 3" belt options.  More reasons why they reign supreme as the premiere Economy belt stanchions.

Weather "Masters"

Fore!  Like the the golf course in Augusta, Georgia, intimidation is a primary feature of the WeatherMasters.  A strong, durable outdoor retractable belt stanchion with a recycled rubber base is built to stand up to any weather condition Mother Nature can conjure.

2018 Weather "Masters"

WeatherMasters are offered in standard finishes of black, red, orange and yellow, with belt lengths of 11', 13' and 16'.  With belt configurations of single, dual, triple and Xtra Wide 3" widths, every possible outdoor crowd control need can be met, including ADA compliance.

Safety "Masters"

It gets quiet on Amen Corner, and keeping accident sheets quiet around the workplace is every manager's goal.  Enhancing industrial safety measures at a budget-friendly price point is what the SafetyMaster does best!  High visibility finishes of Yellow, Orange and Red compliment warehouse and construction site environments.

2018 Safety "Masters"

The same stable 20 lbs weight as the QueueMasters and WeatherMasters and belt lengths of 8.5' and 11' give safety managers the variety of options they need.  Belt configurations of single, dual and Xtra Wide 3" give ADA compliance and extra awareness around hazardous areas while assisting in OSHA safety standards.

SafetyMasters are equipped with a full circumference rubber floor protector and a scuff-proof base weight cover for maximum life expectancy from an economy post.

Wall "Masters"

A tradition unlike any other.  WallMaster wall mount belt barriers provide access, aisle, dock and doorway control in so many varieties, it is basically unrivaled in the industry.

2018 Wall "Masters" Economy Wall Mount Belt Barriers

Standard finish choices of red, yellow, orange, black and polished chrome give the WallMaster the first round lead.  Belt length selections of 10', 13' and 15' hold the 2nd round lead.  Mounting and belt end options that include suction cup, magnetic, hose clamp, s-clip and removable power the third round lead.  And heading into Sunday, the confidence to win comes from knowing that an industry-exclusive dual-belt option WallMaster Twin is an option.

Rope "Masters"

The pomp, formality, and exclusivity associated with Augusta is perfectly complimented by the RopeMaster series post and rope stanchions.  Whether a ball top post with a dome base is required to create a formal atmosphere, a flat top for contemporary areas or the industry standard crown top for all settings, the RopeMaster is a hole-in-one.

2018 Rope Masters Economy Post and Rope Stanchions

No other economy rope stanchions comes with a forged metal rope ring, most are stamped metal that bend easily under duress.  Available in black, steel, satin/brushed steel and polished brass finishes in either a sloped or dome base, means the most options of any Pro-Grade economy model rope stanchion.

No green jackets here.  Just the "Masters" of Pro-Grade economy crowd control, providing all the excitement you can handle.


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