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Legoland Clear Tube Retractable Belt Posts Help Create The Lego Vibe


Our friend Zander shows off these multi-purpose QueuePro Clear 250 stanchions at the Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City.

We've posted about clear tube belt posts before, and we're doing it again. 

With the ability to be filled with marketing, branding, and aesthetic-enhancing objects, clear tube posts satisfy two needs at once.  

First, the 11' and 13' retractable belts on top of 20 lb. cast iron base weights (which are holding up pretty well to Xander's sneakers) provide durable crowd control that takes less equipment to cover the same linear footage as shorter belt length stanchions.

Second, the material that fills the clear tubes will help boost environments that companies want to create for their visitors.

QueueProClear250 posts are always in stock and ready for fast shipping (free shipping if ordered on the website!).

Thanks, Zander!


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