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1970 Chevelle Featuring QueueMaster Posts - Photo Taken At The Cavalcade of Cars
If you have ever been to the  Cavalcade of Cars Event hosted at the Event Center located at Hamburg Fairgrounds you will be amazed at how many spectators and car enthusiasts alike visit this family-friendly event. It is filled with Classic Cars of their eras but what you might not notice is the barricades around the showpiece cars that keep kids fingerprints and spectators bumping into the glossy paint jobs.

This is where quality stanchions not only protect your chances of winning but the investment in your hard earned money and the time to prepare for the event. If you are one of the chosen few who has these Hot Rod's on display then you have to think about all of these people and how you can protect your space within each and every show you attend.
Pro Stanchion experts will always ask if you are using the tradition post and rope setup when dreaming up the perfect combination of "Keep Off My Car" and "What color looks best?", but for a streamlined look similar to that 1970 Chevelle SS parked up on blocks, you may want to consider boosting the feel and make moving in and out of the event easier with some QueueMaster stanchions from Queue Solutions.

These stanchions available on can accent your ride while not taking the focus off of it when the judges come around to bring you that Car Show trophy you had your eye on. You can see the variety of colors and styles to each stanchion set and even customize the belts with your cars model or street name. The retractable belt stanchions can easily be taken apart and stored in the back of those American classics so you can peel down the highway without towing those handbuilt, they always break when I set them up and take them down, home-made barricades.
Let the event experts at Pro Stanchions help you keep sight of the trophy table but out of reach of spectators at your next hot rod or classic car showcase!


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