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Pro Stanchions understands the very extensive safety requirements placed on Nuclear Power facilities, which is why we created our Nuclear Safety | Magenta Yellow Retractable Belt page.  Stanchions and safety signs are one of the items that can help ensure the safety of the people working at these facilities as well as the operating equipment.

Retracta-Belt stanchions and sign frames can be used throughout Nuclear Power facilities in both the MANUFACTURING areas as well as all places necessary for crowd control, such as lunch rooms, front lobby’s, exits, etc.

All stanchion related OSHA Corrective Actions Requests can be fixed with the simple purchase of the correct equipment. Pro Stanchions offers all of the equipment to satisfy your Safety and Crowd Control requirements. 

Examples of these would be the yellow and magenta retractable belts for safety specific zones that would accompany any magenta or black trefoil "...which must be displayed where certain quantities of radioactive materials are present or where certain doses of radiation could be received." (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

These Tensionline Retractable Belt Stanchions are designed by a US manufacturer and consist of a safe retracting brake, universal belt end, and simple no-tools-required assembly to ensure a safe and trouble free product.

For ease of access, we have provided a variety of professional and economy grade Magenta and Yellow retractable belt stanchions for all of your safety and crowd control needs.

Download the Pro Stanchions Mobile App below and have access to fully customized magenta and yellow retractable belts in the palm of your hand.

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