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Derby, U.K.

Pro Stanchions would like to congratulate both the University of Derby Corporate and the fifteen Showsec managers that became the first in the UK to receive the new foundation degree in ‘Applied Professional Studies in Crowd Management’ awarded by the institution. (Adam Perry, Event Industry News United Kingdom,

Developed in partnership with Showsec, the Foundation Degree in Professional Development: Crowd Management is a part time, work based University level crowd management course developed for the events industry and is relevant across different sectors and crowd management environments including shopping complexes, Christmas markets, stadiums and public events.

Pro Stanchions is wondering if a degree program such as this new offering from the University of Derby Corporate, will spread across the pond to U.S. colleges and universities.  The importance of utilizing skilled crowd management techniques to prevent the need for implementing crowd control techniques cannot be understated.  Crowd control indicates that a crowd has begun to be or has become out of control.  Properly crowd management reduces or eliminates the need for crowd control.  Techniques, personnel and equipment combine to form strong crowd management and Pro Stanchions is proud to be part of that combination by providing crowd management safety equipment, access control equipment, queue management equipment, and way finding signage solutions to the professionals that work tirelessly to maintain controlled and safe environments.

The Course

The Foundation Degree in Professional Development: Crowd Management takes education in the events industry to another level, developing your skills in crowd safety management. You will gain the confidence to deal with complex situations, enhance your leadership skills and improve your communication techniques so that you are creative, innovative and dynamic in your approaches to event and crowd management.

It's relevant across all crowd environments and the people involved in managing them; from security personnel working a book signing at a large shopping complex to local authority staff organizing a Christmas market; from football safety officers understanding crowd dynamics and segregation lines at a football match, to police officers developing their knowledge of crowd migration at an event. (

About the University of Derby Corporate

The University of Derby Corporate is the training and development division of the University of Derby. We work with a wide variety of organizations to deliver Work Based Learning programmes that improve key capabilities such as service, innovation, leadership and problem solving. Using our academic rigour and commercial experience, we deliver relevant and robust solutions that enable our clients to achieve Progress through people. (

About Showsec

Headquarted in Leicester, U.K., Showsec is a personable team of skilled professionals, dedicated to achieving excellence in crowd management, venue and event security; making events safe for artists, players and audiences.

Showsec’s excellence can be seen in all aspects of their services, which include:
• Full crowd management
• Security consultancy
• Close protection
• Asset protection
• Pit and backstage teams
• SIA security staff
• Stewards and supervisors
• Residential protection
• Search teams
• Research
• Training
• Response teams
• Public safety consultancy
• Facilities security solutions / management / operational teams (take over full contract / responsibility for security integrity of the building and events hosted there
• All sizes of venues, from risk assessments to crowd dynamics

About Pro Stanchions

Pro Stanchions provides stanchion and crowd management equipment from the top U.S. manufacturers at the lowest costs available.  

Pro Stanchions understands that in today's evolving economy, professionals are constantly searching for personalized service and the best ways to save money.  The personal relationships we form with our customers allow us the ability to precisely determine product needs and reveal spending reductions.

How Pro Stanchions supports our low price guarantee:

·         We prioritize low company overhead which reduces dependency upon price

·         Our profit margins are flexible so we can focus solely on satisfying our customers’ needs.

Pro Stanchions is committed to assisting those that have directly affected our lives and that help make our world a better place. Pro Stanchions’ Pro Charities charitable donations and Stanchions for the Cure policies and  offer clients and our company the ability to positively affect the lives of others. 


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