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Oak Hill (East Course) Country Club, Rochester, NY

With the PGA Championship officially underway in Upstate New York, Pro Stanchions took the opportunity to capture the crowd management implementations used by the Professional Golfers' Association to keep the crowds at a major golf tournament flowing effectively.  

Keeping spectator traffic moving properly isn't the only use for crowd control equipment at a major golf event, though.  

Tiger Wood at 95th PGA Championship Oak Hill

Professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson draw large groups of followers and media both on practice facilities and during tournament play.  Crowd control barriers and galvanized steel barricades help make sure that these golfers have the room they need to manage their rounds of golf successfully.  The green powder coated galvanized steel bike rack barricades above provides the separation Tiger Woods needs from the public.

Black retractable belt barriers concession stand

Here we see black retractable belt stanchions with black ribbons and contemporary bases.  The six stanchions effectively queue visitors so volunteers can direct the next person in line to an available computer.  Perhaps a retractable belt stanchion sign frame and "Please Enter Here" acrylic sign would increase the effectiveness of this queue?

Fans with velour rope and dome base stanchions

Omega, a Swiss timepiece maker, is the Official Time Keeper of the PGA Championship.  Here at the company's retail and exhibition space, dome based polished stainless steel crown top red carpet stanchions and white velour 1" red carpet stanchion rope with polished chrome snap ends stylishly designate accessible entrances.

Belt stanchion queue inside PGA pro shop

The Golf Shop at the PGA Championship will handle heavy visitor traffic.  These black Thin Line Retractable Belt Stanchions with black belts are a perennial favorite of crowd managers everywhere.  This team of belt barriers will keep at least 100 people queued up effectively.



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