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#1 Belt Enhancement Option

Let an extra inch of thickness grow your confidence and ability to satisfy

Confessions about the inadequacies of 2" retractable belts:

"You just aren't satisfying me anymore" - Branding 

"Only barriers with small belts say that size doesn't matter" - Advertising

"I want a thicker belt!  I want big logos tattooed all over it.  Is that too much to ask?!" - Marketing 

For decades, the 2" wide nylon retractable belt set the standard for an industry.  But over the years, research has proved that MORE is needed.  Thin 2" belts just aren't getting the job done. The cries have been heard in the past.  There have been overcompensating 6" wide belt options offered by manufacturers, however, the lengths are shorter and the costs associated with them are high.

4 years ago, however, 3" Xtra Wide retractable belt stanchions and retractable wall mount belt barriers were introduced to the Crowd Control and Safety Barrier industry and their beefy widths have been creating belt envy since!

Since their introduction, Custom Printed Belts have restored their confidence with Xtra Wide 3' belt barriers.  How couldn't they?!

It's like comparing a bumper sticker to a billboard....a carrot to an get the idea.

Xtra Wide models have you covered in every application and price point, from Premium to Pro Grade Economy, including:

Pro Stanchions understands you want that Xtra 3".  You want the Xtra width on demand when the moment arises and don't want to let your queues down.  These thick, Xtra Wide belts won't leave you hanging, they are are in stock and ready for fast shipping or custom printing.

Xtra big is Xtra better.  Don't leave your custom printed belts unsatisfied, call Pro Stanchions today and grow that Xtra 3".


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