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Kutoa Buy a Bar Feed a Child ProgramPro Charities Fighting Child Hunger With Kutoa Kutoa Health Bars Crowd Control Donation Program

"Together we will add positivism, optimism and hope to the world by helping those that help others."

Pro Stanchions continues our commitment to fostering a socially responsible global society and we've teamed up with Kutoa and QueueSolutions to promote this philosophy.  

When you purchase designated sets of QueueSolutions retractable belt barriers, wall mount retractable units and rope stanchions equipment from the Pro Stanchions website, we all continue to make a difference! 

With each pair of qualifying equipment purchased from our website, Pro Stanchions will buy either a full box (12 bars) or half box (6) of Kutoa non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural vegan health bars.  For every KUTOA health bar purchased, Kutoa has partnered with the World Food Program USA to ensure a nutrition packet is delivered to a child in need.

We double the effort in fighting child hunger from there.  Pro Stanchions will not only take advantage of Kutoa's generosity and giving but the health bars we acquire thanks to your purchase, will be personally delivered by the Pro Stanchions team to food shelters in our Western New York community. 

The Kutoa "Buy A Bar Feed A Child" banner will easily identify any product in the program.

Click on a qualifying pair of equipment for more information :

  • Full box donation (12 bars and 12 nutrition packets) with purchase of:
    • All QueuePro Stanchions
    • All QueuePro Mini Stanchions
    • All RollerPro Stanchions
    • All RollerSafety Stanchions
    • All SafetyPro Stanchions
    • WeatherMaster 300 Stanchions
    • WallPro 450 25' Wall Mount Units
    • WallPro 450 30' Wall Mount Units
    • All Elegance Crown Top Posts
    • All Elegance Ball Top Posts
  • Half box donation (6 bars and 6 nutrition packets) with purchase of:
    • All QueueMaster Stanchions
    • All SafetyMaster Stanchions
    • WeatherMaster Stanchions
    • WeatherMaster Twin Stanchions
    • All WallPro Twin Wall Mount Units
    • All WallPro 300 Wall Mount Units
    • WallPro 450 15' Wall Mount Units
    • WallPro 450 20' Wall Mount Units
    • Recessed WallPro In-Wall Mount Units
    • All RopeMaster Posts
    • All Elegance Flat Top Posts
For more information on Kutoa and their mission to empower change by spreading the most fundamental need for happiness and prosperity - health, click below:
Kutoa Company Logo Crowd Control Donation Program


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