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Hunter's Hope 550 Auction

Hunters Hope WGR 550 Hunting Auction

Through Pro Charities, Pro Stanchions' support for Hunter's Hope is ongoing and this is a great opportunity for you to get involved as well.  It's not often you will get a chance to hunt with Jim Kelly and Brett Favre, are you kidding?  Get your bids in now!

About Hunter's Hope

Hunter’s Hope Foundation was established to address the acute need for information and research with respect to Krabbe Disease and related Leukodystrophies. In addition, we strive to support and encourage those afflicted and their families as they struggle to endure, adjust and cope with the demands of these fatal illnesses.  Among the essential goals, founders Jim and Jill Kelly, seek to inspire an appreciation of all children and express a thankful heart towards God for these precious gifts of life. These bedrock values are categorically and vigilantly expressed throughout all of the Foundation's programs and activities.

About Pro Stanchions

With exceptional value, efficiency and a commitment to social responsibility, our primary intent is to create a positive affect on the world while we distribute stanchions and crowd control equipment.  Our primary products are stanchions, retractable belt stanchions, steel barricades, post and rope stanchions, velour and other fabric ropes, wall mount retractable belt units, signs, sign stands, accessories, and other barrier equipment.


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