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Custom print microfiber ropes

Well, velvet isn't really in vogue anymore.  Velour, Naugahyde, Twisted Polypropylene, and now Microfiber are the choice of professionals using post and rope implementations for crowd control and aesthetics.

Visiontron, the only manufacturer of premium 100% American made crowd control products for over 30 years, has just introduced custom printed microfiber stanchion ropes.  Microfiber is easier to clean than velvet/velour ropes and now with custom Dye-Sub printing any color you can imagine or require is available.

With hundreds of color options available, as well as patterns, images, and logos, you can customize your ropes nearly any way you'd like and tailor the crowd control aesthetics of your events, facility, or VIP functions. 

Most importantly, do not forget Pro Stanchions philosophy of custom printed rope ADVERTISING.  Red Carpet velvet stanchion ropes are synonymous with crowds, media, and cameras.  Generate additional sales and marketing revenue by leveraging the success of your event or facility and allowing advertisers to print messages and logos on stanchion ropes that crowds and cameras are exposed to.

Talk to your sales and marketing team, then talk to Pro Stanchions and we will provide you all the information you need to make your velvet ropes generate revenue!

Make room on the red carpet, custom printed stanchion ropes have arrived!

These custom printed ropes are only available by Contacting Pro Stanchions directly. Talk to us today and be among the first to set the trend of customizing your red carpet stanchion ropes.



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