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Give Small and Local Businesses a Voice at Your Venue

A couple of weeks ago, Pro Stanchions introduced the concept of utilizing retractable belt advertising to generate income and reduce capital expenditures.

Then, last week an article was published by Aaron Orlowski of the Rapid City Journal discussing how the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena, home of the Central Hockey League's Rapid City Rush, was evaluating options to offer advertising opportunities at price points more geared toward small businesses.

Orlowski's article explains that "Some smaller businesses like plumbers and local law firms are priced out of advertising space at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena."  Scott Mueller, co-owner of the Rush, added to this observation that "They just really don't have the opportunity to advertise with what we sell right now."  

This is the case in Rapid City, and the case at venues across the country.  Just as every community has a public assembly venue, that same community will have a multitude of small businesses looking to advertise their organization to the public...for the right price.  Kristi Siedow-Thompson helps to show why tailoring your venue's advertising opportunities to small businesses, is smart business:

Here's the point of our article:  The Rushford Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena is looking to ADD signage in order to offer cost-reducing advertising opportunities to smaller businesses.  With Pro Stanchions' concept of Custom Retractable Belt Advertising, venues like The Rushford Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena can offer prime advertising space at small business prices, while generating healthy revenues.  


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