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Floro L. Marcene, we couldn't have put it any better ourselves...

Ubiquitous and obtrusive – in a good way – that’s how those upright stainless steel pillars called stanchions govern the life of people whenever they are required to line up and put a semblance of order in an otherwise chaotic situation.

Stanchions can be found where people congregate. In airport terminals, shopping malls, cinemas, sport stadiums, parking lots, on red carpets where some very important person is being welcomed coming down from an airplane or departing for parts unknown.

Stanchions are vertical posts sometimes inserted into the ground or simply put down on the floor and God knows where they are needed to induce orderly behavior.

Sometimes, they are also referred to as balusters.

Usually about three-feet high, stanchions are sometimes linked with velvet ropes or a thin ribbon of colored nylon and connected in a long line to delineate specific areas.

At most airports, stanchions perform mostly as barriers, to separate and to induce passengers to line up at the airport check-in counters, at the immigration area, at pre-departure zones, and wherever orderliness is required without human assistance.


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