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Experience Travel Through The Eyes Of Pro Stanchions

Our journey starts in Buffalo, New York.  Home to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.  Immediately upon arriving, the check-in process already has us thinking Crowd Control.  Airlines around the world utilize retractable belt stanchions in order to guide passengers to their check-in kiosks.  Aaaaand let the extra travel time needed for Pro Stanchions to snap photos begin.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport Stanchion Concourse

Security checkpoints at airports are one of the most distracting locations on the planet for a Pro Stanchions traveler.  In this picture alone the variety of crowd management equipment is staggering.  Retractable belt stanchions, sign frames for belt stanchions, rigid beams that provide stronger control and easily connect between posts and last, but not least, the clear acrylic Post-n-Panel panels that provide the pinnacle in aesthetics and strength in the barricade off to the right.  "Really?" you ask. The answer is "Yes!  This is ALWAYS what happens"

Buffalo International Airport Stanchion TSA

Just trying to catch a connection at Chicago Midway Airport and can't even get passed a McDonald's without grabbing a shot of these custom printed retractable belt stanchions.  Striking right?  That's what we thought!

Chicago Midway Airport McDonalds Stanchions

Destination reached!  Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  As we descend on the escalator, our breath is taken away at the stunning beauty of this 'Rental Car Stanchion Belt Rainbow'.  Have you ever seen such a sight?  Such blending of custom branded retractable belt colors.  On a scale of meh to glorious, we choose glorious for this linear marvel.

Minneapolis St Paul Airport Rental Car Stanchions

Ah, the beautiful Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Home of the N.H.L Wild and N.L.L. Swarm.  And on this visit, the arena was playing host to the Minnesota State Boys High School Ice Hockey Championships.  This event will draw approximately 10,000 spectators for the Class A finals and a sell out crowd of nearly 19,000 fans for the Class AA finals.

Xcel Energy Center On Stanchion Tour

Xcel Energy Center Home Of Minnesota State High School Hockey Championships

Now, you're probably wondering how we used two consecutive pictures without stanchions or crowd control of any form in them.  That's why we posted them!  We amazed ourselves by actually taking these pictures.

At the same time, the High School Championships were going on, in the adjoining St. Paul River Center 2015 Let's Play Hockey Expo was going on.  The expo showcased all thing hockey, from equipment companies, training products, and regular meet and greets with hockey heroes and superstars.

2015 Lets Play Hockey Expo Stanchion Tour

As we made our way through the expo, our passion for Crowd Control once again ruined a pleasant stroll through a great environment.  This 'fake interview' booth caught our attention with the brass ball top rope stanchions and red velour rope that helped to recreate a real red carpet scene.

Red Carpet Interview Stanchions And Rope Hockey Expo

Bauer knows hockey.  And by the looks of this queue in their display tent, they obviously know a little bit about crowd guidance, too.  Rope stanchions and more red velour ropes were used to usher visitors to a photo area.

Bauer Hockey Post And Rope Hockey Expo

It's a proven fact, being in a post and rope queue makes kids smile!

Bauer Hockey Stanchions And Velvet Rope With Kid

Hey, look!  The Frozen Faceoff Trophy made a stop at the expo on its 2015 tour.  Guarded by the black Naugahyde ropes and satin steel stanchions, the trophy stays polished, shiny and free of fingerprints.   Bravo! you splendid pieces of Crowd Control.

2015 Frozen Faceoff Trophy Stanchions And Rope

Let's go shopping!  Yeah right.  Pro Stanchions + The Mall of America = More pictures and less shopping bags.  The Nike Store at the Mall of America was impressive, not particularly because of the amazing selection of all new Nike athletic gear, but more because of the POS queue created by these black Visiontron Crown Top Conventional Posts with Contemporary base styles and hemp colored twisted rope!

Nike Store Mall Of America Black Stanchions Twisted Hemp Rope

Here's a great example of what a "tapped" top is.  Conventional stanchions need to be tapped in order to accept sign frames.  Here's a great time for a Pro Stanchions tip:  Always anticipate the signage needs of your queue before ordering so the manufacturers can tap the posts initially and additional time isn't wasted having to get them tapped in the future.

Visiontron Conventional Rope Stanchion Nike Store Mall Of America

Like all Pro Stanchions trips, this one could have been filled with great experiences.  Instead, we filled our camera memory with...STANCHIONS, ROPES, SIGNAGE, BARRICADES AND CROWD CONTROL!  And why not, we'll sign off with one more photo taken at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.  

TSA Minneapolis St Paul Airport Retractable Belt Stanchion Maze



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