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Anywhere We Go, All We See Are Stanchions

When you visit a shopping center, what is the first thing you notice?  Maybe new fashions in the store windows?  Maybe a sparkling jewelry display?  Here at Pro Stanchions, we wish that was the case.  We see stanchions!  Retractable belt stanchions.  Conventional post and rope stanchions.  Sign and Poster stands.  Arrrgh!  Can't we just go shopping?

A recent visit to the recently renovated Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, New York proved no different for us.

During the recent renovation, we found these Queue Solutions QueuePro 250 retractable belt stanchions providing safety guidance from constructions areas as the new beautiful tile flooring was being installed.

Queue Solutions QueuePro 250 Retail Stanchions

The Michael Kors outlet store has gorgeous tile floors and obviously did not wish to have the typical 14" bases of standard retractable belt stanchions covering them up.  They chose instead to go with Visiontron Retracta Belt 300 posts with removable bases.  This semi-permanent option frees up floor space while also allowing the posts to be removed and the floor sockets to be capped when it's time to clean the floor.  All we want to do is shop :(

Visiontron Retracta Belt Retail Retractable Stanchions

These all black ball top, dome base conventional rope stanchions with natural hemp colored twisted polypropylene ropes helped direct us to a fine cup of joe at the Starbucks kiosk.  We can't even get coffee without noticing these things!

Black Ball Top Post And Rope Stanchions Hemp Rope

So that cup of coffee leads to the next area of the mall we visited, but we were out of luck!  Thanks to these custom belt printed wall mount retractable belt barriers, we were on the search for another lavatory.  Even Pro Stanchions can get frustrated at crowd control when we gotta go.  

Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barrier Bathroom Cleaning Retail

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