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Childrens Dentistry of Central Alabama

Toothbrush and Floss Filled Clear Post Stanchions Exude Oral Care Message

Pro Stanchions' client Children's Dentistry of Central Alabama provides specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a “child-friendly” environment. As a pediatric dental office, their focus is on preventive care to help each child have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. They serve infants, children, and teens from all over the Central Alabama vicinity.

Side View Clear Post Stanchion Polished Chrome Base

Blair Bennett of Children's Dentistry of Central Alabama required a fill-able retractable belt stanchion option and chose QueueSolutions QueuePro Clear 250 stanchions as a solution.  

As seen in these pictures, the belt barriers have been filled with toothbrushes and floss.  

Toothbrush Filled Clear Post Stanchion Front View

These fill-able stanchions serve two purposes.  

First, they provide queueing functionality and direction for visitors with their 11' retractable belt attached to plastic wall receiver clips and stanchion signage.  

QueuePro250 Clear Post Retractable Belt Stanchion

Second, the subtle messaging of the toothbrushes and floss inside each post doesn't necessarily drive home a 'brand name', instead it helps strengthen the importance of good oral hygiene and creates curiosity and interest in the equipment used to do so.

Close Up Clear Post Belt Stanchion Filled With Toothbrushes and Floss

When Pro Stanchions asked Ms. Bennett how the stanchions were performing she was quoted as saying:

"...they turned out great - we filled them with toothbrushes and floss. We have been tossing around ideas for other things to fill them with during the year also that the kids will like!"

Keep brushing and flossing kids!



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