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Magnets Add Versatility and Mobility to Stanchions and Wall Mount Retractable Belts

Magnet Wall Receiver Clip Front

Why would you want a magnetic standard plastic wall receiver clip?  We asked the same question.  Why not just add a magnetic belt end to your retractable belt?

Visiontron Magnetic Belt End Queue Solutions Magnetic Belt End

Say you have a wall mount retractable belt barrier you are going to use for semi-permanent implementations to attach to ferromagnetic surfaces.

Queue Solution Wall Pro Magnetic Wall Mount Belt Barrier Visiontron Prime Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barrier

Just because the head unit might be attached to a magnet receptive surface, does not necessarily mean that the surface the belt end will attach to will be as well.  With a magnetic belt end, the option of connecting your belt to a non-ferromagnetic surface is eliminated as the magnetic belt end cannot attach to a standard plastic wall receiver clip.

Enter the versatility of a magnetic standard plastic wall receiver clip!

Magnet Wall Receiver Clip

This custom magnetic product allows a standard belt end to be able to be semi-permanently attached to a magnetic surface while keeping available the option for that same retractable belt to be attached to a standard plastic receiver clip permanently affixed to a surface.

A Pro Stanchions client inquired about this product, leading to the product's invention this week.  

Get this custom product along with every other magnetic option for retractable belt stanchions and wall mount retractable belt barriers at Pro Stanchions. 


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