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Pro Stanchions iOS & Android Mobile App IconPro Stanchions Releases 1st Ever Crowd Control Industry Exclusive iOS & Android App


January 12, 2018
Grand Island, New York


Stop texting, Snapchatting, playing Candy Crush or whatever you're currently doing on your handheld device and check this out.  Pro Stanchions has just introduced the Crowd Control industry's first ever mobile app for iOS and Android!  Available today in the Apple App Store and very soon on Google Play!

Pro Stanchions Industry 1st iOS & Android App Screenshot

Want to tweet something?  Tweet this: now all that 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, and WiFi is even handier when you need to browse and shop for the lowest prices on premium and Pro Grade economy crowd control equipment.  

Now your iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Pixel, LG, or any other handset will give you simple and fluid access to portable and wall mount retractable belt stanchions, post and rope solutions, steel bike rack barricades, sign frames and poster stands, post-n-panel systems, and much more.

Shop Now Using Pro Stanchions Mobile App available in the iTunes Store and Google Play

Instead of meandering through Facebook & Instagram, wouldn't you really rather be scrolling through the most relied upon retractable belt barriers in the world?

Wait, we know, you're a YouTube addict, right?  Well, make sure to swing by the Stanchion Channel and check out all the buzzworthy content we've put up over the years.  That should be enough to get you through at least part of your flight.

Just like FaceApp & Bitmoji are the top apps of 2017, Visiontron and Queue Solutions are the top manufacturers of crowd guidance equipment in the world.  And Pro Stanchions brings both of their full lines to you at lowest guaranteed prices anywhere.

If you're one of those insomniacs who browses your phone all hours of the night, don't worry, we're up with you.  If you have questions about anything you've found on the Pro Stanchions mobile app, contact us anytime and we'll get you answers.  Our dedicated customer service is second to none and ready to help.

Pro Stanchions iOS and Android mobile app for Retractable Belt Stanchions & Crowd Control Barriers

So start texting, snapping, tweeting, sharing and spreading the word to all your friends and social media followers, there's a new Crowd Control Mobile App that's sweeping the industry.  And best of's FREE!

Download it today!

The Pro Stanchions mobile app was created with help from the Pros at Tapcart.  Tapcart easily and seamlessly develops Shopify stores into unique iOS apps


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