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WeatherMaster all-weather outdoor retractable belt stanchions in snow

The pinnacle of exterior confidence

Not all belt barriers are created equally.  When situations call for outdoor usage, you can count on our outdoor products to stand strong against the harshest elements mother nature can conjure.  

Pictured above at WeatherMaster all-weather retractable belt stanchions from Queue Solutions.  The yellow powder coat finish protects the stainless steel posts from deteriorating, while the 100% recycled rubber base provides both the stability and durability needed for years of exterior crowd control abuse.

WeatherMaster barriers come with an unmatched selection of belt lengths.  Standard WeatherMaster 250 posts are available in 11' & 13' options.  WeatherMaster 300 stanchions have 16' long span belts.  And the all-new WeatherMaster 335 employs a 35' extra long span retractable tape.

Pro Stanchions WeatherMaster Belt Length Comparison Chart

Need more belt coverage or need to be ADA Compliant?  We get it.  WeatherMaster Twin units come complete with a dual belt system.  One belt half way up the stanchion post and another at the standard top location.  Mix and match the belts as well.  Maybe you want a diagonal chevron belt on the bottom and Caution Do Not Enter belt on the top.  Done.  No problem.

Pro Stanchions ADA Compliant WeatherMaster Outdoor Retractable Belt Stanchions

Combine these options with 46 standard color and message belts, and the WeatherMaster series of outdoor retractable belt stanchions has you covered in every possible situation.

Belt Color Options for ADA Compliant WeatherMaster Outdoor Belt Barriers

Usually exterior stanchions like aren't in stock and ready for same shipping...not the WeatherMaster.  Almost every option is ready to hit the loading dock and ship off to locations around the world the same day or the next day.  Pro Stanchions long-standing relationship FedEx can have these to you overnight, or as soon as you need them.

None of the 46 standard belt options get the job done for you?  No problem, we'll customize your belts with any color and/or message you want with custom belt screen printing.  Want multi-color logos or printing instead?  Digital dye-sublimation custom belt printing allows every type of customization you desire.

Pro Stanchions Custom Retractable Belt Printing WeatherMaster Outdoor Stanchion Samples

Don't waste your time or money on any other belt stanchion.  Do your research.  If it doesn't specify it's made for exterior use, it will NOT hold up.  We've had too many clients say they bought stanchions that they thought would work outside, not understanding that untreated metal and outdoor elements don't mix.  Stanchions are heavy (or at least they should be).  Which means that shipping costs can take their toll if you have to replace equipment sooner than expects.

Invest wisely.  Choose the right equipment for the right situation.  WeatherMaster outdoor retractable belt stanchions are the right choice for all your exterior crowd control needs.

Pro Stanchions doesn't mess around.  You may think you want to buy cheap stanchions, but you don't.  You want durable, trusted stanchions at the cheapest possible prices.  We're not here to sell you crowd control equipment, we're here to get you the equipment you need at the prices you want to pay for it.


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